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Hi Holly,

I wanted to pass on this review of your services that I posted on Yelp.


PS: George says, "Meow! I miss you!"

Jill would like to share this review with you:

Ms. Paws Pet Sitting Services

 Brighton, MA 02135

Reviewed by Jill D.

I can't believe that I'm the first to review Ms. Paws (a.k.a. Holly Van Hest, a.k.a. pet sitter/dog walker extraordinaire)!

Since I'm the first to review her, here's a little bit about her: Holly does dog walking and pet sitting in Allston, Brighton, Brookline, Chestnut Hill, and parts of Boston. She handles the usual suspects (i.e. dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.) as well as the rarer finds (i.e. iguanas, snakes, ferrets, etc.). She's been in business since 1992, and she's insured and bonded.

About my experience: I met Holly through my neighbor, whose dog Holly walks. Holly's passion for animals can only be described as exuberant. She sincerely loves animals and her work. I've even overheard her talking to my neighbor's dog when no one else is around-- a sign of a true animal lover.

Consequently, I felt complete confidence in hiring her to petsit for my cat.  Before she sat for us the first time, she came to our home and spent an hour meeting with the cat, asking questions about him, and learning about his routine. I consider myself a fairly type-A personality, and she asked me questions I never would have thought of!

While we were away, she texted us pictures of the cat, and she left a very thorough log of each day's visit. We were especially pleased by how much time she spent with our cat. She guarantees a minimum of a 30 minute visit, but some days she was there quite a bit longer to play with him.

I really cannot recommend Holly enough!


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Jill     September 23, 2008


We appreciate all of the time you have spent with Cinnamon over the last
year and a half. Cinnamon can be a bit nervous at times around new
people, so we were concerned when we moved from the South End to
Brighton that we would be able to find someone who could quickly bond
with our dog. You have built a great relationship with her, and we know
that she will be sad to see your visits come to an end when we move to
Maryland. You gave her a much needed break during the long, lonely
weekdays. We know she will miss your visits, and it is a testament to the
sincerity of your service that we know that you just might miss her more!

Thank you so very much,

Kevin and Rebecca Ely (formerly of Oak Square, Brighton) July 26, 2007


While living in Brookline we engaged MS. PAWS Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services to provide daily dog walking for our large, handsome Germador dog called Gerald and pet sitting for our two spoiled & very cool cats, Kevin & Gary.

After three years of having a stay-at-home dad we were worried that our already anxious dog would become more anxious or depressed when his dad returned to work. But, because of Holly's dog whisperer-like intuition, the transition was smooth & incident-free allowing a beautiful relationship to blossom between dog and dog-walker. Our two large & bossy cats immediately warmed up to Holly who cared for them keeping them company when we traveled (she also made sure to give them a little visit each day after walking Gerald while we were at work). Whether we worked or traveled Holly ensured that our home was always in one piece when we returned. Now that we have moved from the Brookline area we are sad to be without MS. PAWS and her loving attention: What will we do without her? Thank you so much for making all of our lives better.

Rachel Graves & Kevin Leary     May 1, 2007

We have so enjoyed having MS. PAWS' Holly provide dog walking for our dog . Holly was so loving to Laike, our big, old, black lab. I know that Laika's life is better for having Holly involved in her care. MS. PAWS also made my life easier and less stressful.

Knowing that Holly had been been by to take care of Laika during the day meant that I could have a more relaxing drive home after work. I could be more relaxed while doing after work errands and picking my son up from daycare. I was also happy to know that I was not going to come home to a hungry, sad and hyper dog.

Thank you Ms. Holly!  Sarah Linden formerly of Brookline  May, 2006

Ralph, my handsome & charming 100 lb., 12 year old Black Shepard, and I have been using MS. PAWS for our weekly, 5 day dog walks for almost two years. It is quite obvious by Ralph’s demeanor when I arrive home from a long day of teaching that he has been well cared for, exercised & loved. During these two years, Holly & her capable staff have never missed a visit, regardless of the weather or when my schedule changes.   MS. PAWS has never failed to leave me a little note in the “log book” regarding Ralph’s daily walks & adventures. My walkers’ have noticed things about  Ralph’s health and/or behavior & have  been invaluable in giving me insight into his wellbeing.. Holly & her well trained staff treat Ralph & my home with care & respect. We are very pleased with her service.  Pat S. & Ralph, Brighton   Feb. 2005


Dear Hollie,

Thank you for the superb job that you do with our Gremlin and Mia. I can honestly say that I never understood how good a pet sitter could be until we met you; more than anything, it’s your love for our cats. It really does feel like you’re “Aunt Hollie” when we go away. I never worry about Gremlin & Mia- that’s a reflection of your job performance. Thank you for everything. The expense is not easy for us to afford; however, our kitties mean everything to us and we feel completely secure when you take care of them. In the final analysis, money is only money. Thanks for doing such a great job.Love, Holly, Tasha, Kiffer, Fuzzy & Dillan the dog. Sincerely, HR , Brookline Village. December 2004

Hi Holly and Friends, Once again I spent a week away from home knowing that my cat Bonkers was getting the best of care. Each day Bonkers looked forward to seeing Holly or Chris at the door . It's like having good friends visit. Thank you for my peace of mind and for being so sweet to my cat. Love, Karola and Bonkers   July, 2004


Holly  and her most capable crew, have been taking care of our cats, now elderly, for many years and I can't imagine leaving them in the hands of anyone else. We never have any concerns when out of town, knowing that she and her excellent staff are taking care of (and spoiling) our two old ladies, Athena and Rhoda. Her unusual dedication, dependability and true love of animals is rare and very appreciated! Undoubtedly, your animals will probably end up preferring her to you! Thank you, Farley, Joff, Athena, Rhoda, (and Peeve's ghost).  April, 2004



Holly,   I want to thank you and your group for taking such good care of my dog Maddie, aka Maddy45, during this past year with his  three  runs a day.  Your commitment to Maddie - and to helping  me with professional and personal responsibilities has made my life easier and  would have been difficult to manage without you - has brought me much peace of mind.  Maddie's appreciation is demonstrated by his reaction to you and your group both during and after your visits !  He greets every visit with enthusiasm and misses you on those rare weekends we don't need you.  Many thanks for your energy, time, patience and love.  You really are a blessing to pet owners and I've enjoyed our friendship as well.  Thank you !      Stephanie, Maddie & Keith.  August 2002    

Holly has been taking excellent care of my big, fat cat Algernon for two years now. I feel very safe leaving him knowing that Holly and her experienced staff are visiting him. Algernon is a very vocal cat and always lets me know that he has had a great time being brushed (his favorite activity) and played with while I was away. I wouldn't trust my beloved cat and home to anyone else!

Rachel Senseman, Brighton 8-16-02



     Ms. Paws (Holly)  has been providing responsible, caring service to our cat Mr. Huggins since our first extended trip in August 2001.   Holly & her staff make our frisky and  a little bit "needy"  kitten feel safe and secure as well as insuring that our home is safe and secure.   For a truly carefree vacation, we highly recommend Ms. Paws.   Mr. Huggins loves her (he also leaves us notes along side Holly's crew  in the log book) !
The Delaney's, Brookline 8-12-02

Dear Holly
Thank you so much for taking me on adventures and playing with me.  I look forward to seeing you and your gang every morning and every afternoon for my daily walks.  I especially like visiting your house to see the cats ! My mommy & daddy say they know I've been well cared for and loved  these past five years.  Love from  Weebles The Amazing Soccer Dog.

Pat & Terasa Murry, Brighton   1-18-02

Hi, my name is Jagger and I love going for walks with Ms. Paws. When I hear them coming to the door I get so excited I can't sit still. Even though my mommy and Ms. Paws tell me not to jump, I just can't help myself! I love to go for walks when my mommy and daddy are out. I get play in the park with Cinta, my best black lab friend who also walks with Ms. Paws, and get my "ya-yas" out!

Keirnan & Justin Klosek     12-12-01

Dear Holly,  I just wanted to write you a short note of thanks for taking such wonderful care of Taylor and for really helping us out at this difficult time.  We greatly appreciate your kindness and hard work.  It has made this awful time so much easier just knowing that Taylor was in such good & completely dependable hands.  I haven't worried about him at all - just am missing him.  I am writing to you from San Diego having just spoken to you on the telephone, where we are stranded due to current events.  Wishing you safety and peace for all your loved ones - furry and human.

Holly & Taylor Schaefer 12-10-01

Holly,  thanks so much for everything you have done for us the past several months.  Blanche has been very lucky to have you as her  walker.  We'll take good care of her and hope we can call on you when when need to.

Our Best,  Anne K.,  Brookline, MA   11-5-01

We have been very pleased with Ms. PAWS Pet Sitting Services since 1997.  Our Bichon, Luc, loves Holly and her dog walkers who take him out for a late afternoon walk.   There are extremely reliable, competent and pleasant.  It is clear that they love animals.  I would recommend Ms. PAWS very highly.

Pat Coughlin, Brookline, MA   10-22-01

Holly and her sitters have provided years of mid-day dog walking  and  loving attention  to my greyhound, Bran , and to my cats.  They are reliable, responsive and punctual.  I recommend Ms. Paws highly.

Howard, Brookline ,MA   8-7-01

The care Ms. Paws has provided over the three years with us while providing mid-day walks for our dog Rocky has been  tremendous. They developed a relationship with Rocky  that made us feel so comfortable. We knew that he was being well cared for while we were at work or away from home.  He would greet Holly and  her walkers as a little kid greets his parents.  He was almost able to pick up his leash  ready to meet his neighborhood friends for a run in the park Recently, Rocky's walks are now being handled by his "master", our son  C.J.,  who has come of age to take on the responsibility of his own dog building an even stronger bond with his his soul mate.   But you can tell that Rocky has had to readjust to the change in his schedule  and was broken hearted for days, missing Holly & her walkers. Don't think twice about calling Ms. Paws for your dog walking or pet sitting needs !    They truly mean their motto  "No creature is to big or too small for our loving care".  We saw it in action.

Antonia Bellalta Osborne, Brookline ,MA 6-18-01

"I have used Ms. Paws' services since I moved to Brookline two years ago. I am so bonded to my cat that I always find it difficult to leave her  when I go away. It's been a great relief to know that I can count on  Holly, not only for loving care for Delilia, but also to take responsibility for any unexpected situations or emergencies that might arise. I'm grateful to know that I can be three thousand miles away, secure in the knowledge that my feline companion is safe and in good hands. At this moment, she is at my side, purring in agreement. Thank  You, Holly!

 Daniel , Brookline, MA 4-29-01

" It is a wonderful feeling to know that you can leave your pet at home for the day and not worry that he is alone all day or not getting outside.  From day one, Ms. Paws has treated our dog like their own and has always provided the best service.  They have created such a special relationship that we can't even imagine not having them in our lives. "

Christine DiCarlo  12-16-2000

" Ms. Paws has walked our Mastiff Lou-Lou since she was 10 weeks old. A year later (and 146 lbs.), Holly and staff are part of Lou-Lou's family and she looks forward to her daily walks!  I highly recommend Ms. Paws to anyone  looking for walking or sitting services, they are professional and truly care for the animals they take care of."

Carolyn & Michael Rodeno , Brookline, MA  8-03-2000

 "Holly,  thanks  for your quick response to my request for you to take care of Snowball several times over the next several months.  In the message that you left  for me everything was completely accurate. Holly, thank you for your flexibility and continued excellent care of Snowball. I don't feel as bad (I still feel bad) leaving her when I know she'll be getting loving care from you and your people. Take care."

Greg   5-22-2000

"Ms. Paws, Holly, has been our  pet sitter for my cats Moo & Jas  (and now for Lumina, our newest  addition) for many years.  She is a loving, responsible person and a wonderful caregiver.  As fellow animal lovers I know that when I go away I can always count on the best care for my cats who are also my children",  my world.  The following is one of my favorite quotes: "  If  you talk to the animals, they will talk with you and you will know each other.  If you do not talk to them you will not know them. What you do know now you will fear. What one fears, one destroys" -Chief Dan George.   I have heard Holly talk  to my cats and to the dogs she walks in our neighborhood.  Her services are the  best for all creatures great and small."

Kris Mengle, Brighton   2-27-2000

Hi Holly,

 "You guys are great -- I love the service & Fig does too -- I met Paige yesterday   -- she seems very sweet. There isn't anything I would change--leave the bowl on the floor (that's fine -- you shouldn't have to wash it anyway!)  Just let me know periodically how Fig's doing, particularly Skipton's Commands (I am working with her on those too).  Thanks again!"

 Jeannie  1-03-2000

"Ms. Paws is A wonderfully caring, reliable, trustworthy, well run service. I have been a customer for a year and according to my dog Maggie, except for me of course, Holly VanHest and her staff are simply the best people. I highly recommend Ms. Paws dog walking/sitting service".

Sincerely, Patricia Craig 1-03-2000

 "Ms. Paws has walked our Golden Retriever, Locki, twice a day since 1999. Responsible care and caring by special people;  Locki loves his extended family!  "

Drs.  Nina & Robert Rubin 1-03-2000

"While my humans were on vacation and we had the greatest time with Holly. She played with us and kept our house neat & fresh just like normal. She entertained us with her natural love for us animals. Holly really loves us ".  With Holly.........."Every minute was enjoyable".  "We love Holly."

Mitsubishi, Abundance & Shirley (Cats), Mr. Ed & Twinklefeathers (Cockatiels).
David & Martha, Brookline, MA. 11-12-1999